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Here at Dragon Storm we are proud to teach American Kenpo Karate, which we feel is one of the best, if not the best, martial arts in the world. American Kenpo is a strictly self-defense-oriented system of over 250 techniques, forms and sets that teaches you how to protect yourself, family, friends or any one in need of help, against multiple types of attacks, whether it be empty hands or weapons such as clubs/baseball bats, knifes or even guns and survive! What you will learn here will allow you to escape your attacker, while rendering him/her unable to pursue you.

Belt Testing

All testing is private and we never charge classroom students for testing. Training is done on an individual basis to the extent possible and not on a block system. Tests are not done every 2 months or every 3 months but rather a test will only be done when a student comes to the instructor and tells the instructor that he/she believes they are ready to test. It is not for the instructor to push the student to test but the instructor must agree with the student that they are ready.

System Differences

Most styles or systems of martial arts have punches and kicks that you must learn. These are some of the basics that are taught from the beginning. Some of the styles that don’t have these are Akido, Judo and others that are more into learning to fall, take someone down and using joint locks to start their students off so that they will not be hurt while learning the system. I don’t mention all the strikes, kicks and stances while making the comparison to save time. This comparison is for informational purposes only. All info was obtained either from a website of a particular style, association or from first hand experience.

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