The Best Self-Defense Training in Omaha
Self-Defense Training In Omaha, Nebraska

Here at Dragon Storm we are proud to teach American Kenpo Karate, which we feel is one of the best, if not the best, martial arts in the world. American Kenpo is a strictly self-defense-oriented system of over 250 techniques, forms and sets that teaches you how to protect yourself, family, friends or any one in need of help, against multiple types of attacks, whether it be empty hands or weapons such as clubs/baseball bats, knifes or even guns and survive! What you will learn here will allow you to escape your attacker, while rendering him/her unable to pursue you. You will also learn individual traits such as honor, courage, discipline, self-control, self-respect and respect for others, perseverance, courtesy, and motivation. Traits that you will use in all aspects of life.

What we teach is more than just fighting. In fact, we stress that you should always attempt to avoid conflict by any means necessary. In the event that you cannot defuse the situation, then it will be comforting to know that you have the tools, knowledge and skills to defend yourself and others.

We do not teach a sport martial art as virtually every other school does. We teach true self defense – our goal is simple, we want you to survive a real world attack! And we teach in a fun, affordable, family-oriented way. Now having said that, we have had students that did want to compete in local tournaments, so we set up special classes to prepare them to compete. And we had 2 students take Grand Champion in 2 separate tournaments, one in 2018 and one in 2019, and other students that took first place in multiple events.

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