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This area is specifically set up for the student who comes to class and works and practices on the mat. This should not be your main method of learning but a source to go to after you have been taught a technique, form, or set and you want to practice it at home. Trying to jump ahead can result in doing it improperly thus resulting in having to unlearn the wrong way and relearn the right way.

This is also a great way to go over and refresh all your past material so that you don’t forget it. Remember if you do not stay on top of your material, ALL OF YOUR MATERIAL, you are hurting yourself and loosing much of your ability to defend yourself, your family and any one else that may need it.

So find the belt that you wish to work on or review click on it and you will go to the page that lists all the material. Click on the specific technique, form or set and the video tutorial will be brought up.

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