Belt Testing

Karate Belt Testing In Ralston, Nebraska

We never charge classroom students for testing as well as training is done on an individual basis to the extent possible and not on a block system. Test are not done every 2 months or every 3 months but rather a test will only be done when a student comes to the instructor and tells the instructor that he/she believes they are ready to test. It is not for the instructor to push the student to test but the instructor must agree with the student that they are ready. No one is given a promotion until they know all the material and earn their next belt. I have failed students that did not know the material or should I say that let their nerves get the best of them.

All tests are private and not a group participation.

We also do not have a minimum time requirement of 4 months or 6 months like some other schools do. However, if you come to the instructor and tell them that you think you are ready to test (even though you have been the same rank for 8 months) the instructor may not think that you are ready therefore you will not be allowed to test. But, if you have been the same belt for 4 months and you and the instructor agree that you are ready, then you will be allowed to test. So it is mainly upon how much effort you put in during class and practicing at home and not how much time you put in to decide when you are to test.

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