What We Teach 

           What we teach is different from what a lot of schools teach. We are a 100% self-defense martial art. The techniques you will learn were specifically designed to give you the tools necessary to defend yourself, your loved ones or anyone that you might come across that is threatened.

           Many schools now-a-days are mainly focused on the sport aspect of a martial art. As a result, they have imposed limitations on what you can do and where you can strike some one. We have no such limitations. We will attack the throat, the eyes, the groin, break elbows, wrists, fingers, destroy the knees and ankles, hit to the back, the back of the head and the neck. In other words we will strike to the entire body because, after all, there are no polite rules when in a real fight.

           We teach our students to avoid a conflict if at all possible by talking the person out of it or walking away. But, if someone attacks you, we want you to be the one to walk away leaving the other person on the ground. We do not teach our students to just hit someone once or twice then let them get back up; we teach them to use the amount of force necessary to keep them from getting back up and attacking you again.

            A student will learn to defend themselves against different grabs, bear hugs, tackles, chokes, kicks, punches, club, knife and gun attacks. Not just from the front or back, but from any angle. We also teach to defend against multiple attackers.

      Systems differences

Most styles or systems of martial arts have punches and kicks that you must learn. These are some of the basics that are taught from the beginning. Some of the styles that don’t have these are Akido, Judo and others that are more into learning to fall, take someone down and using joint locks to start their students off so that they will not be hurt while learning the system. I don’t mention all the strikes, kicks and stances while making the comparison to save time. This comparison is for informational purposes only. All info was obtained either from a website of a particular style, association or from first hand experience.

To reach your first belt in Song Ahm Tae Kwon Do, you learn a form consisting of 18 moves, (and unfortunately you are not told what the moves are for, or how to use them in a fight) and 2 moves, known as one-steps, consisting of a total of 10 moves.

To reach your first belt in American Kenpo Karate you must learn a form having 36 moves. You are shown what the moves are for and why we step the way we do to avoid an attack. You must also learn 10 self-defense techniques, all of which are thoroughly explained, with a total of 41 moves. Lastly you must also learn a blocking set with a total of 32 moves.

For your second belt in Tae Kwon Do you must learn a form, again unexplained, consisting of 23 moves and 2 one-steps made up of a total of 12 moves.

For your second belt in Kenpo you learn a form and are told why you do each of the 138 moves comprising it, 24 self-defense techniques with a total of 96 moves and a kicking set consisting of 42 moves, 16 kicks and 4 directional changes.

Wing Chung has a total of 3 forms that the student must learn. It is my understanding that these forms are repeated several times and each time you must perform it at a higher level of proficiency for promotion. The first form Sil Lum Tao has a total of 67 moves, Chum Kiu has 115 moves and the third form Biu Jee has 210 moves.

Shotokan Karate has a 2 man drill, Gohon Kumite with a total of 18 moves and a form, Kihon Kata with 22 moves for your first belt. For your next belt you repeat all the basics and Gohon Kumite plus you have to preform the Heian Shodan Kata, form, consisting of 23 moves. So the only new thing you have to learn is Heian Shodan Kata.

This comparison is intended to help give anyone looking to join the martial arts a glimpse into just a few of the different systems that are out there. Each individual should do their own research into what each potential system has to offer, then make up their own mind as to which martial art discipline would be the best one for them to study.

      Self Defense classes

Here at Dragon Storm we pride ourselves in offering one of, if not the best, women’s self defense courses in Omaha. We will take you through and teach you some of the best ways to stop an attacker and get away to safety. We will not spend the time just talking about what to do and how to be aware of your surroundings. This is important and most people already know or should know to be aware of those around them. Instead of having a lecture on these ideas, we will demonstrate the techniques that can save your life. We will teach you how to do them and then have someone, an instructor or another student, perform the attack so that you can actually use the defense. We are also open and encourage that someone in charge of putting the group/class together come out and go through what will be done during the class prior to making the decision of whether or not to use our services, this would be totally free of charge with absolutely no obligation.

We also provide the same service for kids. We do not water it down, we make it where the kids can learn techniques that will save them should it ever become necessary. All the techniques taught are designed to be practical measures that you can use in real-life situations.


We never charge classroom students for testing as well as training is done on an individual basis to the extent possible and not on a block system. Test are not done every 2 months or every 3 months but rather a test will only be done when a student comes to the instructor and tells the instructor that he/she believes they are ready to test. It is not for the instructor to push the student to test but the instructor must agree with the student that they are ready. No one is given a promotion until they know all the material and earn their next belt. I have failed students that did not know the material or should I say that let their nerves get the best of them.

All test are private and not a group participation.

We also do not have a minimum time requirement of 4 months or 6 months like some other schools do. However, if you come to the instructor and tell them that you think you are ready to test (even though you have been the same rank for 8 months) the instructor may not think that you are ready therefore you will not be allowed to test. But, if you have been the same belt for 4 months and you and the instructor agree that you are ready, then you will be allowed to test. So it is mainly upon how much effort you put in during class and practicing at home and not how much time you put in to decide when you are to test.

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