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           Here at Dragon Storm we are proud to teach American Kenpo Karate, which we feel is one of the best martial arts systems in the world today.

           What is Kenpo Karate, you may ask?

           Well, simply put, it is a system of techniques designed for self-defense in real life scenarios. With this art, you can protect yourself, family, friends or anyone else in need of help. Our self-defense techniques are designed to protect you from a various number of attacks such as punches, kicks, chokes, grabs, multiple attackers, clubs, knives, even guns. The forms you will learn here at Dragon Storm are designed to allow you to escape your attacker, while rendering your assailant unable to pursue you.

           We also have specialized women’s self-defense courses. These will teach you some advanced ways of getting out of the main attacks; such as chokes from front and rear, grabs and someone straddling you while you are on the ground while they are choking you. As with all our training, every move will be thoroughly explained as to what you do and why you do it. It will be demonstrated, then you will learn it, practice it and have to use it because you will be attacked several times by the instructor, giving you a realistic feel to reinforce what you have learned. Since this course will take several hours you will need to bring water and a snack and a good attitude.

           We do not have contracts, there is nothing to lock you into any long term commitment. We do have family deals however. We start kids at 6 years old. For anyone younger, then at least one parent must take the class with them. As with any martial art system you will also be developing self-control, discipline, trustworthiness, self-respect, respect for others, courtesy, honor, perseverance and courage.

           You can come to 1, 2 or 3 classes a week, we do not use a block teaching system where everyone does the same thing at the same time, each student learns at his/her own pace. We do not test every 2 or 3 months, it is up to the student to decide when they believe they are ready to test, and if the instructor agrees then a PRIVATE test will be scheduled. You will not have to test with 30 other students all at the same time!

     I had previously learned another style before coming to Dragon Storm. Mr Hamlett is an excellent instructor, he explains the techniques in great detail and makes sure you understand before moving on.

James D.


     Very nice!!

     Would highly recommend!

     I was previously a student, just long enough to get my yellow belt, but decided that the Martial Arts were not personally right for me. However, I would still recommend taking the class as it teaches good self defense basics and can help one get out of their shell. My dad and boyfriend have continued their studies and seem to be benefiting tremendously from it.


      Angel L


     I had taken Tae Kwon Do in the past. Now I take Kenpo. I have been going to Dragon Storm Kenpo Karate since 6/12/13. In 3 years I have learned a lot. I have learned that Kenpo Karate has no limits, you can hit anywhere on the body, unlike other places that limit your target area. I have learned how to spar better, up close to my opponent instead of backing away and keeping distance. I’ve learned how to do combinations while sparring against my opponent. The instructors are awesome, they make the techniques clear and simple to understand. And they will take the time to help you to be able to do it right and not just let it be somewhat close. They do this because they know that if it is not done right it simply wont work and you will be unable to protect yourself or others.

     Frederick C.

    14 years training and 3 black belts of my own!

    I have been training in the Martial Arts for 14 years and hold 3 different black belts

    in 3 different styles. I still see something different and learn something new everyday at Dragon Storm. They teach the most realistic and useful self defense I’ve seen. I have been training here about a year, my 5 year old has been training almost 6 months, and we both love it. The classes are fun, the people are friendly, and the instruction is top quality. Whether you are just starting out or have been training for awhile, I highly recommend Dragon Storm.

     Chris S.


     I really like the Techniques……

      I had taken a different style of karate and had earned my green belt in that system but had to move. When I arrived in the area I wanted to find a new school and found Dragon Storm Kenpo Karate. I really like how the techniques taught at Dragon Storm Kenpo Karate are realistic and useful. I also like that I get to practice them on the instructor at every class. I am more confident then ever that the style of karate taught, and the way it is taught at Dragon Storm will help me protect myself because all of the techniques are made for present day situations. The karate taught at Dragon Storm is more then your average karate class. Each class is a life lesson on how to really protect yourself.

      Ashley G.


     Hands down the best Martial Arts school in Omaha! Had to stop for awhile but looking forward to returning soon.

Shawn R.

       Had the opportunity to speak with the owner. He was very kind and showed my two grandsons the importance of discipline.

        Dawn C

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