David Hamlett

Main Instructor
David Hamlet Instructor of Kenpo Karate In Omaha, NE

Our main instructor has been practicing martial arts for over 18 years and instructing for the last 12. He holds a first-degree black belt in Kung-fu, second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and a fifth-degree black belt in Kenpo. He also holds state champion for open hand forms, weapons forms and sparring. He has competed in over 35 tournaments and has been a judge in over 25 tournaments in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and South Dakota.

He has spared against 1st degree black belts with 3 years experience and up to 8th degree black belts with as much as 30 years experience including a 8th degree world champion and has held his own or won. He has been instructing Kenpo for over 7 years.