Brown Belt – Empty Hands



1. Glancing Spear

2. Thrust into Darkness

3. Circling Fans

4. Rotating Destruction

5. Falcons of Force

6. The Bear and the Ram

7. Raining Lance

8. Desperate Falcons

9. Leap of Death

10. Protecting Fans

11. Deceptive Panther

12. Courting the Tiger

13. Gathering of the Snakes

14. Glancing Lance

15. Dominating Circles

16. Destructive Fans

17. Unfurling Crane

18. Grasping Eagles

19. Parting of the Snakes

20. Thrusting Lance

21. Blinding Sacrifice

22. Snakes of Wisdom

23. Entwined Lance

24. Falling Falcon



Long Form #3


1. Right grab to left wrist, front

2. Right step-through punch, left rear flank

3. Left-right punch combination, front

4. Right front kick – left spinning back kick

5. Two men, Shoulder grabs; both sides

6. Two men, Rear bear hug, front punch

7. Right step-through overhead knife, front

8. Two hand wrist grab, front

9. Right step-through punch, front

10. Left-right punch combination, front

11. Right snap kick – roundhouse kick combo

12. Two men, wrist grabs, both sides

13. Two men, left punch front, right punch rear

14. Knife thrust, high, front

15. Right off-set grab to right shoulder, front

16. Right step-through punch, left flank

17. Left-right punch combination, front

18. Two men, right arm grab, rear, lapel grab front

19. Two men, rear push into a right punch

20. Knife thrust, low, front

21. Two hand grab or choke, front

22. Two men, left & right shoulder grabs, sides

23. Right knife thrust, high, front

24. Right grab to left lapel, front



Counters 1-10


      Long form #3

             Long Form 3 is made up of techniques that you have already learned or will learn for Brown Belt, which I show you in the video.The new material is Dominating Circles, Glancing Spear, Blinding Sacrifice and Desperate Falcons

             I know I said it before in Green Belt, Short Form #3 but it is so important that I say it again. Not all of the techniques are complete but rather they are partial, partly to have them flow easier together but also and more important, to show you how you can go from one technique to the next without having to reset yourself. In other words using all the strikes you know from any position to do the most damage to your opponent that you can in the least amount of time. At this point in your training you should be able to merge everything you know into an almost seemless defense and attack.

             Here is the list of techniques in the order that they are done.

1. Destructive Twins Both sides

2. Thrusting Wedge, Crashing Wings, Dominating Circles

3. Thrusting Wedge, Crashing Wings, Dominating Circles

4. Punch, reverse, thumb strike and clear/check


5. Parting Wings both sides

6. Glancing Spear both sides

7. A series of arm traps and strikes

8. Crossing Talon both sides

9. Thrusting Wedge both sides

10. Blinding Scarifice both sides

11. Wings of Silk both sides

12. Repeated Devastation both sides

13. desperate Falcons both sides


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