Yellow Belt – Empty Hands



1. Delayed Sword

2. Alternating Mace

3. Sword of Destruction

4. Deflecting Hammer

5. Captured Twigs

6. Grasp of Death

7. Checking the storm

8. Attacking Mace

9. Mace of Aggression

10. Sword and Hammer

10.1 Sword and Hammer



Short Form 1

1. Right grab to left shoulder; front

2. Two hand push, low; front

3. Left roundhouse/hook; front

4. Right front step-through kick; front

5. Bearhug, arms pinned; rear

6. Headlock/choke; left flank

7. Overhead club attack; front

8. Right step-through punch; front

9. Two hand shirt grab, pulling in; front

10. Left grab to right shoulder; right rear flank

10.1 left grab to right shoulder with sucker punch 



Star Block

          Short Form #1

          Short form #1 has three main areas it concentrates on. 1 of course is blocks with the sequence being inner, outter, high and low blocks. While you are doing each block you are chambering the other hand, what a lot of people don't know is that when you chamber you are actually practicing a elbow to the rear. 2 is foot work. And 3 is contained in the foot work. As you are stepping you are also avoiding attackers from different angles. We cover these in the video.

          Star Block

          Star Block is designed to help re-inforce your block using a high, inner, outter, low and palm heal series. But what you are also learning by doing your right, left, left and right sides in that order is how to fight one handed as I demonstrate in the video. You also need to understand that the high, inner and palm heal double blocks are primarily for stronger blocks where as the outter and low are for multiple attacks.

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