Welcome to Dragon Storm Kenpo Karates’ online school!

           Click on the belt that you preparing for and you will be given a list of all the required material with indepth instructions.

           Remember that you will only be able to view the materials for the belt that you are CURRENTLY working on and any belts that you have already earned.

           When you have completed the material and feel that you are ready to be tested and promoted then follow the instructions included on each belt page.

           This is also a great way to go over and refresh all your past material so that you don’t forget it. Remember if you do not stay on top of your material, ALL OF YOUR MATERIAL, you are hurting yourself and loosing much of your ability to defend yourself, your family and any one else that may need it.

           So find the belt that you wish to work on or review click on it and you will go to the page that lists all the material. Click on the specific technique, form or set and the video tutorial will be brought up.

           Also remember that you have a choice of watching the empty hand, staff, knife or club version of the technique, form or set. There is a separate page for each one containing all the empty hand on one page, all the staff on one page, all the knife on another page and so on for each belt.

           I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU LEARN THE EMPTY HAND VERSION FIRST!!!!!! It will make it easier to learn the rest.

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