Red/Brown Belt – Empty Hands



1. Fatal Cross

2. Twirling Hammers

3. Defensive Cross

4. Dance of Darkness

5. Marriage of the Rams

6. The Ram and the Eagle

7. Escape from the Storm

8. Circling Windmills

9. Destructive Kneel

10. Bowing to Buddha

11. Reversing Circles

12. Reprimanding the Bears

13. Circling the Storm

14. Unfolding the Dark

15. Unwinding Pendulum

16. Piercing Lance

17. Escape from the Darkness

18. Capturing the Rod

19. Prance of the Tiger

20. Broken Rod

21. Entwined Maces

22. Defying the Rod

23. Fatal Deviation

24. Twisted Rod



Staff Set 1


1. Two hand grab or push, low, front

2. Left step-through punch, front

3. Right snap kick, front

4. Right kick followed by right punch, front

5. Two men, double shoulder grabs, sides

6. Two men, front right punch, rear collar grab

7. Right overhead club, right flank

8. Two hand push followed by right punch, front

9. Right step-through punch; front

10. Right round kick, kneeling, front

11. Left round kick followed by left punch, front

12. Two men, front right punch, rear bear hug

13. Right club thrust, front

14. Left step-through punch, right rear flank

15. Right kick followed by right punch, front

16. Right knife thrust, arms up, front

17. Right step-through punch, left rear flank

18. Right pistol holdup, close, front

19. Right step-through uppercut, right flank

20. Right pistol holdup, against back, rear

21. Left-right punch combination, front

22. Right pistol holdup, high, front

23. Right-left punch combination, front

24. Right pistol holdup, close, front





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