Orange Belt – Empty Hands



1. Left hand hair grab, front

2. Right hand push to left shoulder, front

3. Right straight/reverse punch, front

4. Right step-through front kick, front

5. Handshake (sucker punch), front

6. Headlock, front

7. Left hand lapel grab, front

8. Right hand push to right shoulder, front

9. Right step-through punch or hook, front

10. Left step-through front kick, front

11. Full Nelson

12. Right arm headlock, left side

13. Right grab to right wrist, front

14. Left hand push to chest, front

15. Left step-through hooking punch, front

16. Bear hug, arms free, front

17. Right Hammerlock

18. Left hand shoulder grab, rear

19. Left step-through straight punch, front

20. Bear hug, arms pinned, front

21. Left hand shoulder grab, rear

22. Wrist lock, front

23. Right uppercut, front

24. Bear hug, arms free, rear


Kicking Set #1


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