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           The Students Area is set up into two sections, one for online students and the other for classroom students. The online students will be able to log-in to their account and view all the required materials in very detailed video format for the belt they are working on at the time as well as any previous material. The classroom students will be able to do the exact same thing only for free. This is included in their monthly payment.

           After you have logged-in you will go to either the online or classroom area and from there you will see a list of the belts, click on the one you need, you will then see a list of the material, Techniques, Forms or sets. Click on the one you want and a video tutorial will pop up.


           Here is the salutation sayings and their meanings.

           Mind, Body and Spirit/Soul as one.

                    Means that you must train all three areas equally. If you don’t train all three areas then you will become weak in one or more areas making you a weaker fighter with a high chance of losing in a real confrontation. You must train all three to be fast and strong.

           Hiding my weapon from my enemy.

                    When in a confrontation with some one DO NOT jump into a fighting stance. You should remain in a relaxed ready stance. This will help to calm the situation down and maybe avoid a fight all together. And at the same time you are ready to jump into action, thus the name ready stance, taking the opponent by surprise.
NOTE: When trying to deal with a situation DO NOT act afraid and DO NOT act aggressive, Instead act confident but not cocky. Many times showing confidence in yourself will be enough to stop the threat.

            Asking forgiveness, from myself, for what I am about to do to my enemy.

                    Being able to forgive yourself is extremely important. If you defend yourself or some one else and you put the attacker in the hospital you will have a tendency to feel bad. That is ok, but you must remember that you did not start it and that you did try to prevent it, but were left with no choice. So you must be able to forgive yourself or the guilt will eat away at you and could even result in your quiting the martial arts in an effort to prevent you hurting some one again. Now fast forward 15 years after you have stopped training, you see some one, a child that needs your protection from a kidnapper! But you no longer know what to do and fail to react in time because you froze with indecision! And the child is gone!! How would you feel then?

This last one is one that i added.

I accept the responsibility, Inherent in my martial arts training, to use my skills to protect those who may be in need.

You do have a responsibility to defend those who can not defend themselves. As you train you should develop skills that enable you to protect yourself and your family. But you should recognize that you should also protect any one who is incapable of protecting themselves when needed. If you are not willing to accept that then you should realize and accept that all you are doing is what I consider to be nothing more then sport martial arts.

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