We are open, we have never closed and we have no plans to ever close. So if you want a place to practice, train and learn then come check us out.

          So we have all had the fun experience of the face masks and distancing and worry about the virus and all the shutdowns the whole ball of wax. This is exactly why we do not have contracts, you never know what is going to happen and why should you still pay for classes that you are not attending? I wonder just how many schools stopped their contracts and how many don’t care and still expect the students to pay?

We here at Dragon Storm have not closed and for some who had been laid off we did not charge them, even though they continued to train, until situations had stabilized and they were once again able to pay and no we did not and will not ask them to pay for the time they trained and were unable to pay.

At Dragon Storm the training/teaching is more important then trying to make a buck. So if you want to learn a great system that is know as one of the best in the world and be treated decently, then we are the place for you. You can also do some free, for now, learning on our website, so check it out.

      Welcome to Dragon Storm Kenpo Karate!

           Here at Dragon Storm we are proud to teach American Kenpo Karate, which we feel is one of the best martial arts systems in the world today.

         See what EXPERTISE said about us at www.expertise.com/ne/omaha/karate-taekwondo-martial-arts where we ranked one of the best out of 116 schools in Omaha.

         Here is what EXPERTISE said about us again, for 2020 at www.expertise.com/ne/omaha/karate-taekwondo-martial-arts where we ranked one of the top 19 schools and instructors out of 115 schools in Omaha.

“Dragon Storm Kenpo Karate is a renowned martial arts school in and around Omaha NE. This school specializes in teaching Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate, one of the leading martial arts systems in the world, and trains students about defending themselves in real-life scenarios. The best quality of instruction is offered at Dragon Storm Kenpo Karate where students are taught to become self-confident and responsible martial artists.”


           According to Lessons.com we ranked as one of the top 10 teachers/instructors out of 74 schools in Omaha! So I guess we must be doing something right!

Here is what Lessons.com said about us for 2020.

You were chosen as a Top 10 instructor!”

“Hey David,

Hope you’re having a great day! I wanted to give you a heads up that we’ve reviewed and featured your business on our Lessons.com list of the Best Teachers in your area for 2020.

We’ve looked at 74 teachers serving your area in the past, and analyzed/scored each business on over 25 variables across 5 categories. You can check out our selection criteria here.

Congratulations on being selected! Btw please note that the selections are listed alphabetically on the website.”


Have a great day David!


Paul Mazzola, Founder

PS – To give you some background on us – Lessons.com uses a proprietary research and selection process that identifies the top service professionals in over 100 business categories across 1000 cities. To date, we’ve vetted over 1M businesses and have generated $100M in revenue for the local small businesses we feature on our site. This year, we hand selected your business as one of the best in your area because it exceeded our standards of excellence for consumers.


         8 students went to the Omaha National Martial Arts Championship held March 30, 2019. 8 students represented the school. 8 students took 21 medals (9 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze) and 7 trophies (1 first, 3 second and 3 third place) and 1 Grand Champion in the over18 (age) under black belt division. 8 students. Not bad for a small school!!!!

So now you can see just some of the things that make us a cut above the rest!

        What is Kenpo Karate, you may ask?

            Well, simply put, it is a system of techniques designed for self-defense in real life scenarios. With this art, you can actually protect yourself, family, friends or anyone else in need of help. Our self-defense techniques are designed to protect you from a various number of attacks such as punches, kicks, chokes, grabs, multiple attackers, clubs, knives, even guns. The things you will learn here at Dragon Storm are designed to allow you to escape your attacker, while rendering your assailant unable to pursue you.

            Take a look around our website to learn more!







     I had previously learned another style before coming to Dragon Storm. Mr Hamlett is an excellent instructor, he explains the techniques in great detail and makes sure you understand before moving on.

James D.

       Had the opportunity to speak with the owner. He was very kind and showed my two grandsons the importance of discipline.

Dawn C



     I had taken Tae Kwon Do in the past. Now I take Kenpo. I have been going to Dragon Storm Kenpo Karate since 6/12/13. In 3 years I have learned a lot. I have learned that Kenpo Karate has no limits, you can hit anywhere on the body, unlike other places that limit your target area. I have learned how to spar better, up close to my opponent instead of backing away and keeping distance. I’ve learned how to do combinations while sparring against my opponent. The instructors are awesome, they make the techniques clear and simple to understand. And they will take the time to help you to be able to do it right and not just let it be somewhat close. They do this because they know that if it is not done right it simply wont work and you will be unable to protect yourself or others.

     Frederick C.

    14 years training and 3 black belts of my own!

    I have been training in the Martial Arts for 14 years and hold 3 different black belts

    in 3 different styles. I still see something different and learn something new everyday at Dragon Storm. They teach the most realistic and useful self defense I’ve seen. I have been training here about a year, my 5 year old has been training almost 6 months, and we both love it. The classes are fun, the people are friendly, and the instruction is top quality. Whether you are just starting out or have been training for awhile, I highly recommend Dragon Storm.

     Chris S.


     I really like the Techniques……

      I had taken a different style of karate and had earned my green belt in that system but had to move. When I arrived in the area I wanted to find a new school and found Dragon Storm Kenpo Karate. I really like how the techniques taught at Dragon Storm Kenpo Karate are realistic and useful. I also like that I get to practice them on the instructor at every class. I am more confident then ever that the style of karate taught, and the way it is taught at Dragon Storm will help me protect myself because all of the techniques are made for present day situations. The karate taught at Dragon Storm is more then your average karate class. Each class is a life lesson on how to really protect yourself.

      Ashley G.


Hands down the best Martial Arts school in Omaha!!! Had to stop for awhile but looking forward to when I am able to return.

Shawn R.

These classes are definitley helpful. Being an otherwise unathletic person, taking Kenpo is a great way for me to get exercise where I otherwise wouldn’t. Plus, being able to effectively defend myselfis always valuable and I am learning a lot.


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